Open Letter Concerning Rev. Donald “Bud” Heckman

This open letter is written by a group of Young United Methodist Clergywomen (under 40). We invited all United Methodists to sign this letter and received 760 signatures. We composed this letter because we are outraged by the lack of justice reached in the matter of repeated abuse of women by Rev. Bud Heckman of the West Ohio Annual Conference. If you are unfamiliar with this case of clergy misconduct and the resolution reached, we invite you to read these articles.

An Open Letter To the Cabinet, the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Clergy Session of the West Ohio Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church:

We are writing this letter because we are outraged by the resolution reached by the West Ohio Conference, its bishop, and the Rev. Bud Heckman. We are writing this letter because we believe the many women who have come forward disclosing that they were harassed, preyed on, abused and harmed by Mr. Heckman. We are writing this letter because the survivors of Heckman’s abuse have asked for our support, and we give it unreservedly.

It is clear that there is no justice in this resolution. We are shocked that the church would stand by Heckman’s maintaining of clergy credentials. We agree with what Bishop Palmer said, “There is no excuse” for his choice to target women, his choice to act as a predatory abuser, and his ability to hide behind his professional credentials to shield him from accountability. This resolution sends a painful and clear message to other victims of abuse: they will not be heard, seen, or believed in the West Ohio Conference, or The United Methodist Church. It sends a message to people who abuse their power that the West Ohio Conference will aid in helping to minimize, silence, justify, and excuse their abuses. It sends a devaluing message far beyond the borders of West Ohio and to victims of abuse in the entire connection.

The women he harmed, and their advocates, were kept from having their voices heard in this resolution process. This process was done behind doors that closed out the expressions of pain, violation, and loss that the women felt. Heckman was allowed to shape his own consequences, once again using his clergy status and access to power as a shield from true accountability. This process was not just because those who have been hurt were not heard and taken seriously. This is egregiously wrong. The New York Times, which heard from these women even when the church did not, quotes one survivor, Megan Anderson, as saying, “He’s getting a slap on the hand. It leaves victims out of the picture.” Their fury is justified and we share their sense that injustice has happened here.

We who are clergy seek to use any power that comes from our positions alongside those who have less institutional power, including lay women like those whom Heckman harassed. We who are women, clergy or lay, know all too well the sexual harassment and microaggressions all women in the church endure, whatever their age and whatever their clergy or lay status. We cannot stand by when women are harmed by someone who is a part of our clergy covenant and is not held accountable for his actions. The fact that Heckman maintains his clergy credentials means he suffers very little for his abominable and predatory behavior and he will continue to benefit and maintain status in The United Methodist Church. It is not only parishioners in a local church who need to be kept safe from him, it is all women.

We believe that the resolution reached by the West Ohio Conference, Bishop Palmer, Mr. Heckman, and their counsels without the input of the women Heckman has harmed, allows for continued harassment. We are also aware that allegations against Mr. Heckman date back years, including a criminal harassment charge in 2012, of which the bishop was aware at the time. This shows a clear pattern of behavior on Heckman’s part and a clear pattern of excusing that behavior on the part of the church. What assurance do any of us have that this behavior will not continue? What assurance do we have that other instances of abuse, especially in West Ohio, will be taken seriously?  The fact that Mr. Heckman retains his clergy credentials communicates that the United Methodist Church approves of him as a faith leader. This kind of complicity devalues the orders of all fellow United Methodist clergypersons who exercise their God-given authority with integrity.

We write this letter to you because you are Heckman’s closest clergy siblings and his accountability partners. We are seeking justice for the women Heckman has harmed and protection for other women he will come in contact with while retaining his status as an ordained United Methodist clergyperson. We see that you are the groups of people who may be most able to advocate for the survivors of Heckman’s abuse. While we do not believe this resolution brought justice to the women, it was a binding resolution with specific conditions. In continuing to deny the harm he caused, Heckman has violated the resolution. This allows the opportunity for the process to be revisited.

Specifically, we ask

1) that this matter be reopened and Heckman’s clergy credentials revoked, given that he has violated  the terms of the resolution in his statements to the press.

2) that you insist that the survivors of Heckman’s abuse who have come forward will be invited to share their complaints and experiences and be received with empathy. We suggest the cabinet, all persons involved in the resolution, and the West Ohio Committee on the Episcopacy be the proper audience for such stories, especially given that their harm now comes not only through Heckman but also through the church. You can do this through their advocates, Cassandra Lawerence and Kevin Nelson. They will be able to help you listen to these brave women in a format they are seeking.

3) That this letter be included in the official report of the Board of Ordained Ministry to this year’s West Ohio Annual Conference.

We echo the statement Laura Heckman, Mr. Heckman’s ex-wife, gave to The New York Times, “What I hoped was that the church would take a stand and be an advocate for women, to demonstrate that they are honored and protected.” We, too, hope that these women, who are but a small part of the women who are harassed in our churches every day, will be honored and protected.


The Concerned United Methodist Clergywomen Listed Below
And Other Concerned United Methodists Across the Connection

Rev. Dr. Emily A. Peck-McClain New York Clergy
Rev. Kate Mackereth Fulton Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. Kate Smith West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Janessa Chastain Desert Southwest Clergy

Rev. Andrea Curry West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Lauren Fuchs West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Angie D. Sherer West Ohio Clergy
Mrs. Robin A Cagle West Ohio Laity
Rev. Elizabeth Wineland West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Kirstin Shrom-Rhoads West Ohio Clergy
Jeff Snyder West Ohio Laity
Rev. Amy Joy Miller West Ohio Clergy
Savannah Hinde West Ohio Laity
Mr. Bradly Mathias West Ohio Laity
Mackalyn Figgins West Ohio Laity
Ms. Christine Bieri West Ohio Laity
Rev. Dr. Deborah K. Stevens West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Ruth Pribe West Ohio Clergy
Rev. David W. Meredith West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Laura Young West Ohio Clergy
Janet Steele, CLM West Ohio Laity
Rev. Barbara Wiechel West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Melissa Steinecker West Ohio Clergy
Steve Shamblin West Ohio Laity
Annie Burton West Ohio Laity
Rev  Alexandra Rode West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Carolyn Peacock West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Angie Cox West Ohio Licensed Local Pastor
Cassie Oliver West Ohio Laity
Jennifer Cahill West Ohio Laity
Rev. Dr. Cathy Johns West Ohio Clergy
Jessica Hicks West Ohio Laity
MS. Katherine King West Ohio Laity
Mrs. Judith Juodvalkis West Ohio Laity
Mrs. C. A. Matthews West Ohio Laity
Rev. Andrew Wagner West Ohio Clergy
Alicia Niceswanger West Ohio Laity
Catherine Lee West Ohio Laity
Rev. Sarah Moon West Ohio Clergy
Diane Weaver West Ohio Laity
Amanda Kern West Ohio Laity
Mary Jankovsky West Ohio Laity
Rev. Eva Marie Wolfe West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Andrew Burns West Ohio Licensed Local Pastor
Taelor Hickey West Ohio Laity
Lawrence O Kaylor West Ohio Laity
Janet Kaylor West Ohio Laity
Rev. Nicole Henderson-Johns West Ohio Clergy
Karen Stout West Ohio Laity
Rev. Deborah Kaylor West Ohio Clergy
Rev. Linda Troy West Ohio Clergy
Rev Beverly Hume West Ohio Clergy
Rev Beverly Hume West Ohio Clergy
Julia Kunkel West Ohio Laity

Rev. Jenny Medley Alabama-West Florida Clergy
Rev. Thomas Irby Alabama-West Florida Clergy
Rev. Dr. Sam Parkes Alabama-West Florida Clergy
Pat Luna Alabama-West Florida Laity
Lisbeth Ash Alabama-West Florida Laity
Donell L Seager, Spiritual Director Alabama-West Florida Laity
Maria Capezio Crookes Alabama-West Florida Laity
Kipp Nelson Alabama-West Florida Laity
Mike Dimmick Alaska Laity
Christina Griffith, Treasurer Alaska Laity
Rev. Nico Reijns Alaska Clergy
Murray Crookes Alaska Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Marti Slater Alaska/Western North Carolina Clergy
Rev. Bonnie McCubbin Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. Shannon Sullivan Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Pastor Chris Broadwell Baltimore-Washington Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Joey Heath-Mason Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Margaret Higgins Baltimore-Washington Laity
Rev. Julie Wilson Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. Margaret E. Clemons Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. James McSavaney Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. Angela Flanagan Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. Tiffany Patterson Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. Dr. Mary Kay Totty Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Dr. Terri Lynn Simpson Baltimore-Washington Laity
Nicolas Rice Baltimore-Washington Laity
Marge Kumaki Baltimore-Washington Laity
Christopher Simon Baltimore-Washington Laity
Andrew Lee Baltimore-Washington Laity
Mr. Robert H. Wood Baltimore-Washington Laity
Carolyn Browender Baltimore-Washington Laity
Megan Blizzard Baltimore-Washington Laity
Rev. Katie Bishop Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Sharon 3 Baltimore-Washington Laity
Ellen H. Bachman Baltimore-Washington Laity
Pastor Emily Skorupinski Baltimore-Washington Licensed Local Pastor
Melanie Weldon-Soiset Baltimore-Washington Laity
Charles Anderson-Gray Baltimore-Washington Laity
David Yost Baltimore-Washington Laity
Kelli Hicks Baltimore-Washington Laity
Steven Doxzen Baltimore-Washington Laity
Gerald Watkins Baltimore-Washington Laity
Roxanne Terry Baltimore-Washington Laity
Sherie Koob, CLM Baltimore-Washington Laity
Pastor Nona Colbert Baltimore-Washington Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Kevin Wright Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. Laura Norvell Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Ryan Schlegel Baltimore-Washington Laity
Rev. Donna Renn Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Chet Jechura Baltimore-Washington Laity
Rev. Patricia Watson Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Jan Lawrence Baltimore-Washington Laity
Jessie Youn Baltimore-Washington Laity
Mrs. Mary Jo Simpson Baltimore-Washington Laity
Mary Jo Marchant Baltimore-Washington Laity
Kerm Towler Baltimore-Washington Laity
Asheley Clark Baltimore-Washington Laity
Meghan Hatcher Baltimore-Washington serving Rio Texas Laity
Rev. Debbie Sperry Cal pac serving in PNW Clergy
Rev. C. Michele Johns Cal-Pac serving in Baltimore-Washington Clergy
Rev. Kristen Marshall California Nevada Clergy
Rev. Emily Pickens-Jones California Nevada Clergy
Rev. Jacey Pickens-Jones California Nevada Clergy
Rev. Anthony Fatta California Nevada Clergy
Rev. Robin Wells California Nevada Provisional Clergy
Rev. Kimberly Montenegro California Nevada Clergy
Rev. Alison Hendley California Nevada Clergy
Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kuan California Nevada Clergy
Angel Rivero California Nevada Laity
Rev. Sadie Stone California Nevada Clergy
Rev. Mandy Sloan McDow California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Stephanie Rice California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Keri Olsen Paget California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Darin Arntson California Pacific Clergy
Rev.Anne Broyles California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Erin Stenberg California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Jessica Strysko California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Lea M. Booth California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Bailey Brawner California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Allison Mark California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Erin Maddox McPhee California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Molly Vetter California Pacific Clergy
Rev Randa D’Aoust California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Camille Mattick California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Sandie Richards California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Sandra K. Olewine California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Dr. Amy Aitke California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Sue Farley California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Karin Ellis California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Jane Voigts California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Rachel Tabutol California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Julie Brewster Elkins California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Dr. Sharon Rhodes-Wickett California Pacific Clergy
Rev David Camphouse California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Lynn FraNcis California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Brent Ross California Pacific Clergy
The Rev Dr Paula A Ferris California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Cynthia Huskey California Pacific Clergy
Rev. David K. Farley California Pacific Clergy
Debbie Bowlus California Pacific Laity
Beckie Henselmeier California Pacific Laity
Rev. Rick Uhls California Pacific Clergy
Dr. Darlene Lawrence California Pacific Laity
Rev. Erika Gara California Pacific Clergy
Ms. Janice Gonder California Pacific Laity
Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen California Pacific Clergy
Mrs. Liz Gyori California Pacific Laity
Rev. Kristie Grimaud California Pacific Provisional Clergy
Rev. Drew Davis California Pacific Clergy
Rev. David Berkey California Pacific Clergy
Kristia Oney California Pacific Laity
Jennifer Weyenberg California Pacific Laity
Rick Cook California Pacific Laity
Sabrina Simmons California Pacific Laity
Rev. Lori Leopold California Pacific Clergy
Nancy Hill California Pacific Laity
Rev. Dr. Krista S. Givens California Pacific Clergy
Rachel Gipson California Pacific Laity
Rev. John E. Griffin-Atil California Pacific Clergy
Rev. Robert Fuesler California Pacific Clergy
Emily Miller California Pacific Laity
Adam Marshall-Lopez California Pacific Laity
CLM Grace M Leighton California Pacific Laity
Lisa Palombi California Pacific Laity
Rev. Dr. Karen Dalton California Pacific Clergy
Lauren Korczakowski California Pacific Laity
Alex Bridges California Pacific Laity
Rev Samuel L Domingo California Pacific Clergy
Brian Tipton California Pacific Laity
Stephen A. Folds California Pacific Laity
Rev. Molly Simpson Hayes Central Texas Clergy
Rev. Erin Sloan Jackson Central Texas Clergy
Joy Hampton Church Too Laity
Alison Uecker Dakotas Laity
Rev. Kori Ann Lehrkamp Dakotas Clergy
Laura Hoiten Dakotas Laity
Rev. Peggy Hanson Dakotas Clergy
Rev. Sara McManus Dakotas Clergy
Natalie Buck Dakotas Laity
Rev. Nicole Clade Dakotas Clergy
Kara Togel Dakotas Laity
Tiffany Ortman Dakotas Laity
lorna jost Dakotas Laity
Rev. Jen Anderson Dakotas Clergy
Tiffany Ortman Dakotas Laity
Dr. Julia Jones Dakotas Laity
Susan Sizemore Danville District Laity
Rev. Sarai Case Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Stephen Govett Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Mary Klaehn Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Ann Lyter Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Angela McCarty Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Brian Kemp-Schlemmer Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Dr. Dottie Escobedo-Frank Desert Southwest Clergy
Pastor Bob Klein Desert Southwest Licensed Local Pastor
Rev Jody Topping Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Melissa Rynders Desert Southwest Clergy
Paul Gomez Desert Southwest Laity
Rev. Dr. Candace Lansberry Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Randa Ray Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Michael Patzloff Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Joel Bullock Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Anthony Tang Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev Sandy Johnson’s Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Dr. Kristin Hansen Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Sharon Ragland Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Bob Holliday Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev Kimberly Scott Desert Southwest Clergy
Pastor Samara Jenkins Desert Southwest Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Brenda Smith Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Asa Holly Desert Southwest Provisional Clergy
Rev. Jim Wiltbank Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Robert Mitchell Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Deborah Lerner Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev James D. EK Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Jennifer Lambert Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Beverly Worden Devine Desert Southwest Clergy
Pastor Diamond Pate Desert Southwest Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Mary Bullis Desert Southwest Clergy
Rev. Rosemary Anderson Desert Southwest Clergy
Pastor Amanda Corella Desert Southwest Licensed Local Pastor
Denise Robinson Desert Southwest Laity
Pastor Noni Dye Desert Southwest Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Anna N Bell Desert Southwest Clergy
Sarah Darsey Myers Does not apply Laity
Rev. Lorrin Radzik East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Linda McCowen East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Andrew Scott East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Allison LeBrun East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Laura White East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Dianne Tobey Covault OSL East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Jennifer Williamson East Ohio Clergy
Rev Kristen Patt East Ohio Clergy
Connor Prusha East Ohio Laity
Pastor Shane Russo East Ohio Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Katherine L. Osier East Ohio Clergy
Pastor Jake Heskett East Ohio Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Quincy Wheeler East Ohio Clergy
Cortney Gould East Ohio Laity
Debra Drew East Ohio Laity
Rev. Shannon V. Trenton East Ohio Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Jared Gadomski Littleton East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Dan Bryant East Ohio Clergy
Nick Orosan East Ohio Laity
Kimberly S. Lenahan, Ph.D. East Ohio Laity
Rev Debbie Gibbons East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Carrie Antczak East Ohio Clergy
Kathy Littleton East Ohio Laity
Loretta Dahlstrom East Ohio Laity
Rev. Jeremy Roseberry East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Bruce Batchelor-Glader East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Dr. David MacDonald East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Matthew Anderson East Ohio Provisional Clergy
Zara Gennert East Ohio Laity
Pastor James F Szakacs East Ohio Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Karen Drotar East Ohio Clergy
Mary Ann D. Kerr East Ohio Laity
Rev Kathy Dickriede East Ohio Clergy
Rev Kyle Gould, OSL East Ohio Provisional Clergy
Rev. Dr. Tamara Francis Wilden East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Coralee Cox East Ohio Clergy
Rev. Heather McLeod East Ohio Provisional Clergy
Rev James F McIntire Eastern Pennsylvania Clergy
Rev. Hannah Bonner Eastern Pennsylvania Clergy
Denny Hutchison Florida Laity
Rev. Samantha Cowan Florida Clergy
Rev. Vicki Walker Florida Clergy
Anthony Brandy Florida Laity
Antony Larry Florida Laity
Rev. Andy Oliver Florida Clergy
Rev. Lora Andrews Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Rebecca Hjelle Great Plains Clergy
Maria Penrod Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Rebecca Mohr Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Kara Eidson Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Ashley Prescott Barlow-Thompson Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Zach Anderson Great Plains Clergy
Maddi Baugous Great Plains Laity
Rev. Patricia Kelley Great Plains Clergy
Ms. Brooke Waters Great Plains Laity
Rev. Michelle Byerly Great Plains Clergy
Rebekah Sperling Great Plains Laity
Rev Gina Gile Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Luana Cook Scott Great Plains Clergy
Pastor Marcee Binder Great Plains Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Shelly McNaughton-Lawrence Great Plains Clergy
 Pastor Marta Wherler Great Plains Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Sherry J. Sklenar Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Angela DeFisher Great Plains Clergy
Pastor Lori Patton Aguilar Great Plains Provisional Clergy
Rev. Nicole Schwartz-Eck Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Jo Mead Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Alison Philip Great Plains Clergy
Monica McDougal Great Plains Laity
Sandy Sypherd, CLM Great Plains Laity
Rev. Martha McDougal Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Stephanie Ahlschwede Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Evie GulachiJohnson Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Geniese Stanford Great Plains Clergy
Martha Gadberry – Laity Great Plains Laity
Sierra Salgado Pirigyi Great Plains Laity
Ms. Linda Kastning Great Plains Laity
Jaimee Trobough Great Plains Laity
Rachel O’Neal Great Plains Laity
Nathan Morgan Great Plains Laity
Rev. Stephen Griffith Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Doyle Burbank-Williams Great Plains Clergy
Rev. Jamie Norwich McLennan Great Plains Clergy
Rev.  Kathleen Stone Greater New Jersey Clergy
Rev. Dr. Tanya Linn Bennett Greater New Jersey Clergy
Krystal Woolston Greater New Jersey Laity
Pat Schutz Greater New Jersey Laity
Rev. Mary Kathryn Allen Greater New Jersey Licensed Local Pastor
Andrea Wren-Hardin Greater New Jersey Laity
Jo Ann Boyle Greater New Jersey Laity
Rev. Jeremy Smith Greater Northwest area Clergy
Rev. Steven D. Martin Holston Clergy
Rev. Elaine Ruth Holston Clergy
Dr. Kitty C. Colliet Holston Laity
Dan Young Holston Laity
Rev. Rachel Collins Holston Clergy
Joseph Carson Holston Laity
Rev. Jessica Baldyga Illinois Great Rivers Clergy
Janna Peterson Illinois Great Rivers Laity
Erik Slingerland Illinois Great Rivers Laity
Mallory Moore Yanchus Illinois Great Rivers Laity
Rev. Julie Dowler Illinois Great Rivers Clergy
Rev. Duane Carlisle Indiana Clergy
Sue Flasche Indiana Laity
 Nancy Palmquist Indiana Licensed Local Pastor
Rev.  Bethany Willers Iowa Clergy
Rev. Laurel Capesius Iowa Clergy
Rev. Katie Z. Dawson Iowa Clergy
Rev. Mara Bailey Iowa Clergy
Deaconess Irene R. DeMaris Iowa Laity
Rev. Nate Nims Iowa Clergy
Rachel Hollingsworth Iowa Laity
Pastor Melody Webb Iowa Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Dr. Mary Lautzenhiser Bellon Iowa Clergy
Juliann Ahrens Iowa Licensed Local Pastor
Lewis Cox Iowa Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Lee Schott Iowa Clergy
Rev. Arnette Pint Iowa Clergy
Rev. Christine Humrichouse Iowa Clergy
Pastor Linda VonFumetti Iowa Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. LaTonya P. Calderon Iowa Clergy
Angela Hansen-Abbas Iowa Laity
Rev. Medea Saunders Iowa Clergy
Pastor Ben Carter-Allen Iowa Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Elizabeth Bell Iowa Provisional Clergy
Rev. Regina Harrison Iowa Clergy
Rev Alexis Johnson Iowa Clergy
Rev. Jordan Derhammer Iowa Provisional Clergy
Rev. Anita Johnson Iowa Clergy
Rev. John Caldwell, PhD Iowa Clergy
Rev. Nan Smith Iowa Clergy
Rev. Jen Hibben Iowa Provisional Clergy
James Devine Iowa Laity
Rev. Leila Disburg Iowa Clergy
Rev. Trevor Vaughn Iowa Provisional Clergy
Rev. Judy Waddinf Iowa Clergy
Rev. Vicki Fisher Iowa Clergy
Rev. Kathy Martin Iowa Clergy
Rev. Dr. Jill L Sanders Iowa Clergy
Rev. Timothy D. Bonney Iowa Clergy
Rev. Jerry M. Spencer Iowa Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Melanie Greengo Iowa Clergy
Ms. Erin K Harris Iowa Laity
Rev. Allan B. Jones Iowa Clergy
Rev. Kathye Harrington-Taber Iowa Clergy
Rev. Sean McRoberts Iowa Clergy
Rev. Sylvia Baker-Noren Kentucky Clergy
Rev. Lane Cotton Winn Louisiana Clergy
Sarah Cobb Memphis Laity
Rev. Larry M. Chitwood Memphis Provisional Clergy
Margaret B Cobb, Memphis, TN Memphis Laity
Ann Bowsher Memphis Laity
Blaire Burton Memphis Laity
Rev. Rebekah Gienapp Memphis Clergy
Reverend Jeff Irwin Memphis Clergy
Rev. Dr. Christina Wright Michigan Clergy
Rev. Sarah Alexander Michigan Clergy
Rev. Megan Walther Michigan Clergy
Rev. Lindsey Hall Michigan Clergy
Deaconess Amanda Mountain Michigan Laity
Rev Corey Simon Michigan Provisional Clergy
Rev. Tim Kobler Michigan Clergy
Rev Alexander Plum Michigan Clergy
Paul Reissmann Michigan Laity
Rev. Julia Elmore Michigan Clergy
Rev. Katie Waggoner Michigan Clergy
Rev. Mary Ivanov Michigan Clergy
Rev. Jeremy Peters Michigan Clergy
Audra Hudson Michigan Laity
Rev. Laura Speiran Michigan Clergy
Lisa Batten Michigan Licensed Local Pastor
Juli Stephens Michigan Laity
Rev. Dr. Chris Momany Michigan Clergy
Rev. Tania Dozeman Michigan Provisional Clergy
Rev. Linda Stephan Michigan Provisional Clergy
Rev. Jeremy Wicks Michigan Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Dr. Joan VanDessel Michigan Provisional Clergy
Rev. Dr. Jeremy Williams Michigan Clergy
Rev. Brian Steele Michigan Provisional Clergy
Rev. Lori Syked Michigan Clergy
Andrew Gladstone-Highland Michigan Laity
Rev. David Elmore Michigan Clergy
Rev. Sari Brown Michigan Provisional Clergy
Rev. Mary A. Sweet Michigan Provisional Clergy
MIAC Lay Member Jill Sestok Michigan Laity
Rev. Mary Sweet Michigan Provisional Clergy
Rev. Hillary Thurston-Cox Michigan Provisional Clergy
Rev. Kim DeLong Michigan Clergy
Rev. Margery Schleicher Michigan Clergy
Kelsey Burns Michigan Licensed Local Pastor
Holly Anderson Michigan Laity
Rebecca Coleman Minnesota Laity
Rev. Daniel Foster Minnesota Provisional Clergy
Rev. Hope Hutchison Minnesota Provisional Clergy
Walter Lockhart IV Minnesota Clergy
Jessica Arend Minnesota Laity
Rev. Emily L. Stirewalt Missouri Clergy
Rev Dr Katie Nix Missouri Clergy
Rev. Lora Cunningham Missouri Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Peggy Jeffries Missouri Clergy
Emily Hilderbrand Missouri Laity
Rev. Kim Jenne Missouri Clergy
Rev. Linda Gastreich Missouri Clergy
 Antona Brent Smith Missouri Laity
Connie Hartline Missouri Laity
Maggie Gann Missouri Laity
Rev. Susan E Sneed Missouri Clergy
Mary Yee MN-ND-SD Laity
Rev. Jamielee Demske Mountain Sky Clergy
Pastor Ashley Hawkins Mountain Sky Clergy
Rev. Mariah Hayden Mountain Sky Clergy
Stephanie Moffitt Mountain Sky Laity
Karen M. Cline Mountain Sky Laity
Rev Terri L Hubbard Mountain Sky Clergy
Rev. Daniel Viehland Mountain Sky Provisional Clergy
Anna Viehland Mountain Sky Provisional Clergy
Rev. Angie Kotzmoyer Mountain Sky Provisional Clergy
Rev Betsy Brown NA Laity
Alicia Webber Nebraska Laity
Rev. Sandra Bonnette-Kim New England Clergy
Rev. Becca Girrell New England Clergy
Rev. Effie McAvoy New England Clergy
Rachel Cozzens New England Laity
Ophelia Hu Kinney New England Laity
Pastor Mimi Magee New England Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Dr. Sara Garrard New England Provisional Clergy
Rev. Dr. Jay Williams New England Clergy
Rev. Angela L. Rotherham New England Clergy
Evan McElreath New England Laity
Suji Han New England Clergy
Suji Han New England Clergy
Rev. Stephanie Harmon New Mexico Clergy
Rev. Lea Matthews New York Clergy
Rev. Rebekah Forni New York Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Jenna Johnson New York Provisional Clergy
Rev. Dr. Jessica L. Anschutz New York Clergy
Rev. Joe Agne New York Clergy
Rev. SaraLamar-Sterling New York Clergy
Rev. Dr. K Karpen New York Clergy
Rev. Karen Eiler New York Clergy
Rev. Martha E. Vink New York Clergy
Lillian Leary New York Laity
Betty Gannon New York Laity
Patricia K. Schlegel New York Laity
Rev. Jeff Wells New York Clergy
Rev. Melissa Boyer New York Clergy
Pastor Daniel Levine New York (appointed in North Georgia) Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Henry Gibson North Alabama Clergy
Rev. Dr. David Barnhart North Alabama Clergy
Evan Stancil North Carolina Laity
Olivia Warren North Carolina Laity
Rachel Price North Carolina Laity
Rev. Laura Patterson North Georgia Clergy
Rev. Ashley Fitzpatrick Jenkins North Georgia Clergy
Rev Joy Rikard Brown North Georgia Clergy
Rev. Taylor Driskill Pafford North Georgia Clergy
Rev. Dr. Tara Paul North Georgia Clergy
Rev. Dr. Jordan Thrasher North Georgia Clergy
Mr. Todd Baxter Fuller North Georgia Laity
Nathan Baughman North Georgia Laity
Kathryn Baughman North Georgia Laity
Rev. Dr. Beth LaRocca-Pitts North Georgia Clergy
The Rev. Dalton T. Rushing North Georgia Clergy
Rev. Jennifer Hansen North Georgia Clergy
Rev. Anne Cumings North Georgia Provisional Clergy
Rev. Dr. Joseph McBrayer North Georgia Clergy
Reverend Karen Kagiyama North Georgia Clergy
Jane West Sinner North Georgia Laity
Audrey Gargiullo North Georgia Laity
Julie A. Arms Meeks North Georgia Laity
Donna Fisher North Georgia Laity
Rev. Dr. Sondra R. Jones North Georgia Clergy
Dr. Mary Abbott Waite North Georgia Laity
M. Emily Grossman   North Georgia Laity
Rev. Beth Starling North Georgia Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Katie Newsome North Texas Clergy
Rev. Christy Thomas North Texas Clergy
Rev. Dr. Diana Brown Holbert North Texas Clergy
Parker Schramme North Texas Laity
Rev. Ben A. David Hensley North Texas Clergy
Dr. Haley Feuerbacher North Texas Laity
Ms. Staci North Texas Laity
Julia Wakeham North Texas Provisional Clergy
Rev. Dana Coker North Texas Clergy
Sinclair Freeman North Texas Laity
Rev. Rachel Griffin Baughman North Texas Clergy
Andrea Gordon North Texas Laity
Rev. Maggie Proshek North Texas Clergy
Rev Mike Baughman North Texas Clergy
Rev. Audrua Welch Malvaez North Texas Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Ann Barton North Texas Clergy
Rev. Marc Corazao North Texas Clergy
Rev Deborah Riggsby North Texas Clergy
Rev. Kathy McLean-Davis North Texas Clergy
Andrew Bennett North Texas Laity
Rev. Dr. Baranda J. Fermin North Texas Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Kathryn Strempke North Texas Clergy
Rev Melissa Hatch North Texas Clergy
Rev. Andrew Fiser North Texas Clergy
Rev. Patrick Littlefield North Texas Clergy
Zane Cawthon North Texas Laity
Jennifer Peterson Northern Illinois Laity
Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan Northern Illinois Clergy
Rev. Anna Voinovich Northern Illinois Provisional Clergy
Rev. Elizabeth Evans Northern Illinois Provisional Clergy
Diane C Salvato Northern Illinois Laity
Rev Gregory Gross Northern Illinois Clergy
Rev. Dr. Lana Thompson Sutton Northern Illinois Clergy
Christina Crusius Northern Illinois Laity
Rev. Timothy Biel Northern Illinois Clergy
Rev. Krista Paradiso Northern Illinois Clergy
Rev. Will Ed Green Northern Illinois Clergy
Rev. David Eichelberger Northern Illinois Clergy
Lonnie Joy Sommer Northern Illinois Laity
Rev. Rosa Lee Northern Illinois Clergy
Rev. Rosa Lee Northern Illinois Clergy
Ms. Hattie Wade Northwest Florida/Alabama Laity
Rev. Emily L. Robnett Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Scott Spencer Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Dr. Jennifer Long Oklahoma Clergy
Hannah Hiller Oklahoma Laity
Rev. Susan Ross Oklahoma Clergy
Eric Brown Oklahoma Laity
Sharon  Bycroft Oklahoma Laity
Rev. Charla B. Gwartney Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Jeni Markham Clewell Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Jeannie Himes Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Jim Gragg Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Pam Cottrill Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Trey Witzel Oklahoma Clergy
Dr. Melissa Pearce Oklahoma Laity
Rev. Margaret North Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Bruce E. Davis Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Dr. Samuel T. Powers Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Dr. Mark Whitley Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Margery Van Oostrum Oklahoma Clergy
Gwen Hampton Oklahoma Laity
Rev. Kirt E. Moelling Oklahoma Clergy
Reverend David Wiggs Oklahoma Clergy
Janet Henry Boone Oklahoma Laity
Rev. Shannon Rodenberg Oklahoma Clergy
Rev Dr Rex Wilkes Oklahoma Clergy
Mary K. Moelling Oklahoma Laity
Rev. Matthew Franks Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Dr. Matthew Scraper Oklahoma Clergy
Elizabeth Kliewer Oklahoma Laity
Rev. Mark Davies Oklahoma Clergy
Rev Betsy Stewart-Dooley Oklahoma Licensed Local Pastor
Rev Jack Terrell-Wilkes Oklahoma Clergy
Rev. Norm Wasson Oklahoma Clergy
Deaconess Shelly Owen Oklahoma Laity
Pastor Rebecca Patterson Oregon-Idaho Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Amanda Gayle Reed Oregon-Idaho Clergy
Jan Nelson, lay leader Oregon-Idaho Laity
Rev. Jessie Connor Oregon-Idaho Provisional Clergy
Rev. Taylor Gould Oregon-Idaho Provisional Clergy
Rev. Alyssa Baker Oregon-Idaho Provisional Clergy
Natalia Olivares Oregon-Idaho Laity
Kylie Nelson Oregon-Idaho Laity
Rev. Ryan Scott Oregon-Idaho Clergy
Rev. Julia Nielsen Oregon-Idaho Clergy
Rev. Daryl Blanksma Oregon-Idaho Clergy
Rev Dr Duane Anders Oregon-Idaho Clergy
Rev. Ric Shewell Oregon-Idaho Clergy
Rev. Dr. Allen Buck Oregon-Idaho Clergy
Esteban Galan Oregon-Idaho Laity
Andrea Eide Oregon-Idaho Laity
Gayle Woods Oregon-Idaho Laity
Rev. Barbara Nixon Oregon-Idaho Clergy
Erin McGrath Oregon-Idaho Laity
Mary Stanton-Nurse Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Alexa Eisenbarth Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Elizabeth Ingram Schindler Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Alissa Bertsch Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Ann Lock Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Jennifer Stuart Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Paul Mitchell Pacific Northwest Clergy
Ms Janet Grace Thomas Pacific Northwest Laity
Rev. Austin Adkinson Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev Heather Riggs Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Jo Dene Romeijn-Stout Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Cody Natland Pacific Northwest Clergy
The Rev Debra Conklin Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Stephen Tarr Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Lara Bolger Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Melinda Giese Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev Kay C Barckley Pacific Northwest Clergy
Judy Honsowetz Pacific Northwest Laity
Tara MillerBerry, MA in Transforming Spirituality Pacific Northwest Laity
Jessie Gray Pacific Northwest Laity
Stephanie Henry Pacific Northwest Laity
Patrick Scriven Pacific Northwest Laity
Rev. Terri Jane Stewart Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Jenny Smith Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. April Hall Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev.Dr. Monica Corsaro Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Justin White Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Geoff Helton Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Kevin Hudson Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Zachary Taylor Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Dave Wright Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev Kim Fields Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev Brad Beeman Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Joe Kim Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Susan E. Ostrom Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev Carolyn Peterson Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Richenda Fairhurst Pacific Northwest Clergy
Rev. Mary Haggard Peninsula-Delaware Clergy
Chelsea Spyres Peninsula-Delaware Laity
Rev. Dr. Israel Alvaran Philippines Annual Conference Clergy
Rev. Abigail Parker Herrera Rio Texas Clergy
Rev.  Dr. Celia Halfacre Rio Texas Clergy
Rev. Michael Mumme Rio Texas Clergy
Rev. Victoria Reed Bailey Rio Texas Clergy
Rachel Davis SE Wisconsin Laity
Ms.Diana Palmer Snec Laity
Rev. Elizabeth Murray South Carolina Clergy
Rev. Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass South Carolina Clergy
Rev. Ben Gosden South Georgia Clergy
Pastor Victoria Apicella Susquehanna Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Stephanie Rupert Susquehanna Clergy
Stephen Drachler Susquehanna Laity
Rev. Mary F. Dotson Susquehanna Clergy
Kacie Hopkins Susquehanna Laity
Rev. Joe Hopkins Susquehanna Clergy
Pastor Denise Haskins Susquehanna Provisional Clergy
Rev. Rachel Keller Wong Susquehanna Clergy
Rev. Haley Robinson Tennessee Clergy
Shelby Ruch-Teegarden Tennessee Laity
Steven Adair Tennessee Laity
Emily Delikat Tennessee Laity
Rev. Dr. Matthew L. Kelley Tennessee Clergy
Gavin Richardson Tennessee Laity
Matthew Grauberger Tennessee Laity
Ellie Crain Tennessee Laity
Jay Campbell Texas Laity
Laura Young Texas Laity
Rev. Kimberly Ferrel Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Colleen Hallagan Preuninger Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Corey Turnpenny Upper New York Clergy
Re. Sara E. Baron Upper New York Clergy
Ian Carlos Urriola Upper New York Laity
Pastor Rebekah Solar Upper New York Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Dr. Nancy Jill Hale Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Dana carroll Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Kim Krause Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Natalie Bowerman Upper New York Provisional Clergy
Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Quick Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Harold Wheat Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Ann Blair (Retired) Upper New York Clergy
Michele Cole Upper New York Laity
Pastor Roselynn Kingsbury Upper New York Licensed Local Pastor
Rev Dr Judith Johnson-siebold Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Teressa M. Sivers Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Carmen L. Perry Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Doug Mackey Upper New York Clergy
Ted and Jeanne Finlayson-Schueler Upper New York Laity
Rev. Edward F. Bachman Upper New York Clergy
Elyse Muder Upper New York Laity
Paul Sweet Upper New York Laity
Home Missioner Kevin M. Nelson Upper New York Laity
Emmerich Hauf Upper New York Laity
Pastor Mary Johnson Upper New York Licensed Local Pastor
Shirley Readdean Upper New York Laity
Tara Barnes Upper New York Laity
Rev. Robyn Wernham Hays Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Rebekah Sweet Upper New York Clergy
Rev. Richelle Goff Upper New York Clergy
Rev Tracy Cook Upper New York Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Rebecca L Laird Upper New York Clergy
Jennifer Stamm Upper New York Laity
Rev. Sarah Harrison-McQueen Virginia Clergy
Lauren Blitz, MDiv, MSW Virginia Laity
Hannah Godfrey Virginia Laity
Rev. Rebecca Trovalli Virginia Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Max Blalock Virginia Clergy
Alex Carney Virginia Laity
Rev Sara Pugh Montgomery Virginia Clergy
Ruthann Litchford Virginia Laity
Anna Bosco Virginia Laity
Karen Beasley Virginia Laity
Carol Harry Virginia Laity
Rev. Diane Kenaston West Virginia Clergy
Rev. Heather Moore West Virginia Clergy
Rev. Dr. Ellen Carter     West Virginia Clergy
Amanda Wenisch West Virginia Laity
Ms. Hannah Lamb West Virginia Laity
Rev. Melissa White West Virginia Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Kerry Bart West Virginia Clergy
Rev. Angela Gay Kinkead West Virginia Clergy
Rev. Brian Daugherty West Virginia Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Barbara Bartz Rogerson West Virginia Clergy
Risë Hanifan, DCE West Virginia Laity
Stephanie Bowling West Virginia Laity
Rev. Ellen L. File West Virginia Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Dr. Janet Flanagan West Virginia Clergy
Peggy Mercer Western Jurisdiction Laity
Rev. Brandon Lazarus Western North Carolina Clergy
Addie Jo Schonewolf Western North Carolina Licensed Local Pastor
Kellie Elizabeth Thomas Western North Carolina Laity
Rev Kelly J Smith Western Pennsylvania Clergy
Joshua Popson Western Pennsylvania Laity
Rev. J. Howard Cherry Western Pennsylvania Clergy
Rev. Allie Scott Wisconsin Clergy
Rev. Breanna Illéné Wisconsin Clergy
Rev. Cathy Christman Wisconsin Clergy
Connie Ziegler Wisconsin Laity
LLP Glenda McCracken Wisconsin Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Kari Riley Wisconsin Licensed Local Pastor
Rev. Dr. Grace Cajiuat Wisconsin Clergy
Susan McKinney Wisconsin Laity
Bridget Case Wisconsin Licensed Local Pastor
Mrs. Patricia Weisensel Wisconsin Laity
Deaconess Jeanne Roe Smith Laity
Anna P. Delson Laity
Emily Hardwick Laity

2 Replies to “Open Letter Concerning Rev. Donald “Bud” Heckman”

  1. What a mockery the resolution makes of the UMC phrase “safe sanctuaries”. There is no justification for predatory behavior and there can be no real resolution when the voices of victims are not heard.
    The fact that the predator doesn’t accept responsibility shows that he has not changed and may well prey on more victims.
    The official action of the church seems to be to wash its hands of any legal responsibility, to protect the institution or bureaucracy by silencing the victims rather than confronting the sin of the predator.

  2. Safe Sanctuary doesn’t exist. It is a facade to promote the Methodist brand. It lures in the vulnerable to believe they are safe, where there is no accountability. As long as men are allowed to prey on women in the church, the church will stand condemned.

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