Amendment I to be Revisted

As you may have heard, last night news broke that a version of
Amendment I that included lines deleted by General Conference had been circulated to Annual Conferences for the vote, which means we will be voting on the correct version of Amendment 1 in future Annual Conferences.

The news of this re-vote means that we United Methodists have a rare opportunity to right an injustice. While this doesn’t erase the painful message sent by the first vote, the United Methodist Church has the opportunity to send a new message. We urge those who voted against Amendment I to listen to women and learn why it matters to them that God made them in the Divine image. We also urge all disappointed by the original vote to remember that Amendment I failed by a margin of fewer than one hundred votes. In light of this, we urge all clergy and delegates to vote at their respective Annual Conferences. Your vote matters. Show up. Vote. Affirm that God has created each gender equal in God’s image.

Grace and peace,
The United Methodist Clergywomen Collective

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